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Aint Bessie Long

lost hillbilly auntie, truly tacky, who shows up to dispense home-spun humor.
Babs the Italian Broad

East Coast drama queen in capris. Her Daddy gets her what she wants--and she wants


Your favorite clown. Tells your recipient that she knows their deep, dark "secret"--they always wanted to be a CLOWN! Proceeds to dress them appropriately and teach them a
trick or two.

Scaled down clown character for those who prefer "clown lite." Somewhat younger &
hipper than Melody.
Comedy Magician

The "Almost" Amazing Melody. She tries so hard, but fails so miserably - with a
punchline (but you gotta love the Tux!).
Pippi Longtrippi - The Rip VanWinkle of hippies--slept through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in a purple haze.
Tries to rekindle memories with your recipient.
Cow Patty

Whatta Western Woman - complete with cow-print cowboy hat, bag, and boots.
Tammy Whynot

Feminist Country-Western Singer sanctioned by N.O.W. Does an updated version of "Stand by Your Man"
Harmony the Elf

Christmas Favorite (pointy ears at no extra charge) Available to do balloons,
facepainting, storytelling, etc.


Popular in Dublin for the Irish Festival and Blarney Bash on St. Pat’s Day (hold the green beer).


Clown for the Sr. Citizen crowds. Nostalgic jokes.
Weird Al Look

Alike Yes, Rebecca does Al--will customize a song parody for your guests. It’s scary, but she
really does look like him! He/She brings along an accordion.
Dr. Cutup

Gentle British doctor who brings comic relief and funny bone fixes to those who are ill.
Annie Oakley

Historically accurate presentation on Ohio’s own Annie Oakley. Fun and interactive program has been performed at the Annie Oakley Festival and for several central Ohio library summer reading programs.

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Great Novelty/Comedy Telegrams!

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