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Had a great time doing a magic show and balloons
It was a rowdy but really fun tme.
  At one point some of the childen tied my ankles up with balloons.
4/1/07    Worthington Rec Center
Did magic show and balloons......about a dozen of mostly pre schoolers of really well behaved.....hats for all....
4/28/07    Westerville Community  Center
Did magic show and balloons......Michael and friends outside on a beautiful day
4/30/07    Johnstown
A great party in Westerville with Magic Show and Balloons ....Vaishnavi (2)
5/20/07    Westerville
A great party  with Magic Show, Balloons and Face Painting......Alison (6) .....Note several kids wanted to be Mackee the Clown
5/20/07    Grove City
CS Sound...Chuck's daughter, Britany's 16th Birthday "50's" Party.
5/8/07    Columbus
Somya     6  Year Old - Dublin, Ohio
6/2/07    Dublin
Amar     5  Year Old - Dublin, Ohio
6/10/07    Dublin
She wanted a Telescope
7/20/07    Alexis Party in   Hillsboro, Ohio
Tweety Birds
7/20/07  Tiffany Party in   Powel, Ohio
7/22/07  Benji Birthday Party in   Bexley, Ohio
(16) mostly six year old boys.  Lots of swords and Spiderman and lots of fun.
Happy 9th Tiffany!
Her 2 year old brother was afraid of me when I first got there.  He is the one on my lap.....obviously I won....... not afraid any more  :o)
Two hour party in a beautiful community.  We had a Blast.
7/28/07  Mary Kate Birthday Party in   Gahanna, Ohio
7/28/07  Sarah Birthday Party in   Gahanna, Ohio
Mary Kate wanted Shrek
A magic show and  1 1 1/2 hours of balloons-
7/29/07  Kyle 2 nd Birthday Party in   Hilliard, Ohio
I think we wore Kyle out....when I left, he was asleep in the corner on the floor.
YES a 2 year old  :)
8/11/07 MACKEE @ Trinity Bithday in
Westerville...Kids loved Nemo the Rabbit
Hey the dude wanted a flower bracelet and hat to match his outfit  :o)
8/11/07 MACKEE @ Maya Birthday in Dublin - Making the birthday girl a wobble ball.
He wanted a white snow owl....
8/5/07 MACKEE @ Jaclyn Birthday in Hilliard - A rainbow for the birthday girl
8/5/07 MACKEE @ Alexi Birthday in Lewis Center - Babbs the Bunny for the birthday girl